In the nature

Your retreat out in the open

Welcome to Maso Tòttn! Our mountain lodge stands for stylish alpine mountain tradition combined with the charm of natural elegance. Enjoy mountains, nature and a fantastic view in our stylish mountain hut for up to 5 people and max. 2 dogs in the  Valle dei Mòcheni in your vacation region Trentino-South Tyrol; built in 1840 from natural stone from the area and local larch wood.
A cottage holiday at Maso Tòttn stands for relaxed days close to nature in unspoiled nature with lush flora and fauna in a 180-year-old historic building that is customary in the valley. Distance yourself from the frenetic everyday life and stretch out your time in a pleasant way in our original mountain cottage for you alone - as a couple, with the family or with a dog, for mountain lovers, nature lovers, those seeking peace and quiet and sports enthusiasts.

How a stay in the mountains affects body, mind and soul

For a stay at moderate altitudes (1000 to 2500 meters), the body has to adjust to the new situation because of less available oxygen. This may result in increased fatigue and increased shawl requirements. After a few days, however, the organism calms down and the production of red blood cells is accelerated while old blood cells are excreted. This increases blood flow and performance; the person feels more active, more comfortable and more relaxed. Pollen allergic persons can breathe better even during the main flowering season, since altitude air generally contains fewer irritants.
A stay of asthmatics and bronchitis in the high mountains can contribute to a significant decrease in their symptoms and to an improvement in the pulmonary functions. Continued sun hours also relieve skin diseases such as psoriasis and neurodermatitis. The "soft" mountain water regenerates diseased skin and dries it less. For a restful sleep and a lower heart rate during sleep, the scent and aroma of the pinewood bed in the bedroom.
This is, however, according to Wikipedia, scientifically not fully proved, because so far only one study of the Joaneum Research Institute in A-8160 Weiz on the subject is present. Of course, a stay in the mountains does not help to eliminate all short-term illnesses, but it can also be fueled by a generally less frenetic way of life than in everyday life (eg by means of temporary "exile" of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and TV) To provide relief. (This is, of course, not a specific subject, only well-known facts were illuminated).

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