What happens after I have made my booking request?

We will promptly send you a detailed offer for your desired period. Only when you have accepted and confirmed this we will send you all further booking documents as explained under the following point.

How does the payment work? When will I get my travel documents?

After the booking has been made, you will receive our booking application, which you should sign and return to us within 3 working days of receipt, our appointment confirmation as well as our terms and conditions and our data protection declaration. Please transfer the deposit amount of up to 50% of the total rental amount to be paid on the appointment confirmation, also by bank transfer within 3 working days after receipt of the booking documents, to the account specified in our appointment confirmation.
After receiving your deposit and after receiving the booking registration, your booking of our cottage is fixed and you will receive our booking confirmation as well as a detailed description of how to get to our cottage.
In the case of very short-term arrival dates up to 7 days before the start of the rental period, the total rental costs must be paid in cash on the day of arrival against a receipt.

Can the holiday property also be reserved?

You are welcome to reserve our hut for your holiday period without obligation. If we have not received any feedback from you within 3 working days after the start of the reservation, we will consider your reservation to be cancelled.

Are arrivals only possible on Saturdays or are there alternatives?

The arrival and departure days at our rental are between June and the end of September on Saturdays for logistical personal reasons. Nevertheless, our hut can also be booked with flexible arrival days outside of the mentioned season range on request.

What are the additional costs and when do they have to be paid?

In our cottage, all general energy, operating and ancillary costs as well as the final cleaning are included in the weekly rental price. Only the costs for LPG heating gas are billed separately on the day of departure according to consumption by meter reading on the day of arrival and departure.
We will collect the community visitor's tax on the day of arrival in cash upon receipt of a receipt.

What is the cost of security deposit and when will I get it back?

Upon arrival at our rental, a deposit of € 250 is due in cash against receipt. The deposit you paid will be refunded by us on the day of departure if the rental property is intact, swept clean and the dishes have been washed and tidied up.
If you leave before the regular departure date, you will receive the deposit back from us by bank transfer in the following days, provided the rental property is intact.

From what time can i arrive on the day of arrival?

For our mountain cottage, there is a general cottage check-in between 3 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. on the day of arrival. With our detailed directions you should find our rental without any problems. If you find out on the day of arrival that you cannot keep to the time window, please let us know by telephone around 2 p.m. However, if you plan your arrival accordingly in advance, it should be possible to keep to the time window without any problems. After 9 p.m. it is no longer possible to take over the rental. On the one hand we are private landlords and on the other hand we live 35 kilometers away from the cottage.

By when does the hut have to be released?

Please vacate the hut by 10 a.m. on the day of departure so that we can get the mountain cottage ready for subsequent guests.


Are dogs allowed?

Up to 2 dogs are welcome in our property by prior arrangement. The animals must not be left unattended in the rental at any time.

Are bed linen, towels and table linen provided? What are the dimensions of the beds?

In our mountain cottage, bed linen, towels and table linen, including an extra bed, are already included in the weekly rental price on the day of arrival. If you want to use your own bed linen and towels, the total rental price is reduced by 2%. You will also find this option in our written offer. When booking, please let us know which option you have chosen.
If, contrary to expectations, you do not have your bed linen and towels with you on the day of arrival, we will charge you € 30 per set, since we then have to pick them up from the rental in Trento, bring them back to the cottage and then bring them back to you to return to Trento.
The dimensions of the available beds are: double bed 2x (80 cm x 200 cm); Dimensions bunk bed and single bed: (90 cm x 200 cm). The extra bed corresponds to the current German system, i.e. linen, pillow case, duvet cover.

Can the hut exceed the maximum occupancy of 5 people?

The number of people stated in the house description of 5 people is the maximum possible occupancy of our mountain cottage. This includes children of all ages.

Where and from whom do I get the house keys?

You will receive the house keys of the holiday property exclusively from us on site upon arrival. The house keys will not be sent, deposited or anything like that, because we will explain the house to you in detail on arrival and hand it over to you after the formalities have been completed.

Does the property have a fence?

Our property is completely fenced in on the lower part of the terrace. In the upper part everything is fenced except the entrance to the parking lot for your car. Please note that a fenced property does not guarantee that you can let your dog run free and that a fenced property also does not guarantee against injury or represents a risk of falling for the residents involved.
Please note that if you are bringing a dog with you, dogs must be kept on a leash all year round within the municipal boundaries and during the hunting season between September and January. In Italy, muzzles are compulsory all year round.

Does the cottage have an internet connection or WiFi?

Our rental offers neither a fixed internet connection nor WLAN -> digital detox. With the mobile data of your cell phone provider, however, you can easily surf the Internet in the kitchen and outside of the mountain cottage. A set-up hotspot allows you to work comfortably in the living-kitchen area.

Can you grill at the cottage?

Our property has a wood grill outside, which is at your disposal. In the event of extreme, persistent drought, this may not be used due to the risk of fire due to instructions from the municipality.

Ringing cow bells, forest work etc.

The ringing of cowbells in the vicinity of the holiday rental, forest work in the adjacent forests and necessary maintenance work of any kind in the vicinity of the holiday cottage do not constitute grounds for complaints, which are unavoidable due to various mixed situations.
The possible temporary occurrence of ants in the mountain cottage or a dormouse that has bitten an apple in the cellar does not constitute a reason for complaint. Both were there long before we did - after all, the cottage is in the middle of nature. Nature without nature would first have to be invented.

We know from experience that navigation systems sometimes no longer display the last few kilometers to our property correctly from Canezza. We would therefore like to urge you to drive the last few kilometers to our rental according to our detailed directions. If you get lost after nightfall, it may be difficult for us to locate your location.

Handling the wood stoves

If you use the wood-burning stoves in the kitchen and in the bedroom, please make sure that you ventilate them every now and then. Please fire these stoves always responsibly. Any damage caused by demonstrably improper firing of the wood-burning stoves, is the full responsibility of the person responsible.

Dealing with the resource drinking water

Due to the unfortunately progressing climate change in the Alps, winters with less and less snow and more and more prolonged dry periods, we would like to ask you to handle this resource responsibly.

What should fit in your luggage for your cottage and nature holiday

v Small first-aid kit (bandages, sports ointment, sun and insect repellent)
v Flashlight, matches, pocket knife, charcoal lighter, barbecue charcoal
v Binoculars, camera, video camera
v Hiking maps, and/or hiking guides
v Warm clothes and rain gear. Even in summer it can get cold quickly.
v Sturdy hiking boots, hat, backpack, hiking poles

Ringing cowbells, forestry work etc.

The ringing of cowbells in the vicinity of the cottage, forestry work in the neighboring forests and necessary maintenance work of any kind in the vicinity of the property do not constitute grounds for complaint. These are seasonal works that cannot be postponed by the respective communities, the local population or commissioned third parties on site, and which are unavoidable due to various mixes of circumstances.
The possible temporary occurrence of ants in the mountain hut or of a dormouse that has taken a bite out of an apple in the cellar does not constitute grounds for complaint. Both were there long before we were - after all, the cottage is in the middle of nature. Nature without nature has yet to be invented.

Behavior in the mountains

Our destination is the habitat of many plants and animals. Please behave respectfully in this ambience and avoid unnecessary noise. Do not leave litter, food and leftovers behind. Dogs must be kept on a leash when in alpine pastures and grazing areas near cows, calves, cattle and mountain goats.

Never leave marked hiking trails to look for shortcuts - risk of falling. When planning a mountain tour in advance, try to correctly assess the strength of everyone involved. If in doubt, trust one of the mountain or hiking guides in the chosen destination. Find out about the current weather conditions from reputable sources. If in doubt, turn back early. The destination is always where your car is parked.

If you are in trouble, dial 112. You will then be connected directly to the local mountain rescue service.